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will conduct their Coupon Class at City Hall every 1st & 3rd Thursday 6:00 P.M. at the Reeds Spring City Hall.

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Our little town of Reeds Spring has been flooded, burned, tornado’d and bypassed, but remains a historic and charming place where life is quiet and peaceful.

In the 1870’s, when the Reed brothers stopped here to water their cattle at the natural spring, little could they have known how the area would develop during the next 140 years. The most abrupt expansion came with the completion of a rail line here in 1906. The oak covered hills provided jobs for men cutting railroad ties, and when the oaks were depleted, tomatoes could be grown in the acidic soil and shipped on the newly constructed railroad.

Reeds Spring was the center of commerce in Stone County for many years until area developments such as Table Rock Dam and Branson West were developed.

What remains is a quaint little town with an identity of music and art, historical structures and many businesses that are unique and often draw a large crowd. Arts, crafts and music are alive and well here in Reeds Spring.

Take the “Historic Downtown Loop” of Hwy 413/248 and enjoy our town with us - we’re more than happy to share.


Proposed Reeds Spring Regional Community Center

The city is now in the process of a community visioning plan to restore the structure and to determine its final use, which will enable private and public events, youth sports, a children’s library, a WiFi media room, and could be reserved in advance for family events, club activities, concerts, etc. This resource will be a wonderful benefit to Reeds Spring and the surrounding area.

Being one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in Reeds Spring, it is a source of pride for our community.

Built in 1936, the WPA (Work Projects Administration) building served as the Reeds Spring school for many years, most recently as the school administration building. The WPA structure and surrounding property has been acquired by the City of Reeds Spring, and its location and historical character makes it an asset with potential to serve the residents as a Community Center.

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Reeds Spring City Hall

City Hall Open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


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