Spotlight on a Business in the City

Pop's Dari Dell
In business by the Minscer family since 1976. Serving hamburgers, flavor twist cones and more 7 days a week
Located at 22527 Main St come by and say "hi" to Dale Jr who has worked there since he was 17 years old
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Let's Build A Playground

Reeds Spring Community Center-WPA Building

This beautiful historic structure, with the stone quarried nearby, the lumber sawed by local sawmills and labor provided by members of the Reeds Spring community will be a wonderful benefit to the Reeds Spring area. Being one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in Reeds Spring makes the WPA building a source of pride for our community. Visit on Facebook


Upcoming Events
May 5    Court Day
May 30  City Hall Closed
June 2    Court Day
Apr 30   Reeds Spring Hall of
                Fame Ceremony

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May 21  Cajun Days
                 9:30 am-7:00 pm
May 3    City Council Meeting
                 6:30-8:30 pm

#‎GiveOzarks‬ is only 6 days away! Help us renovate the building and grounds of the 1930's WPA school building! It's the future home of:
...The Reeds Spring Regional Community Center
...Reeds Spring Area Hall of Fame
...Reeds Spring Area Wall of Fame
...More to come in the future!
In order to accomplish this, we welcome your donation and help in spreading the word about this project.